Transformation Reading

Hunter was a typical preschooler. He knew his letters, sounds and could count very well. In preschool, they had little to work on so they focused on life skills over academics. His main goal in his life was learning to read and to tie his shoes. He could easily decode consonant vowel consonant words by the time he finished preschool. He could also tie his shoes. He felt ready for kindergarten where he knew he would learn to really read.

He entered kindergarten his teacher was very impressed by his prereading skills. As soon as they added sight words Hunter's letter to sound correlation started to sway. By the time he left kindergarten he was reading but very slowly. The school told me to give him time. He would get quicker with more practice. Fast forward to first grade. Still slow but progressing. Weekly spelling tests are getting harder. He now has started Title 1 reading interventions.  Fast forward to second grade. Reading is horrible. Homework is impossible. Spelling is not even close to grade level. His favorite subject is now math and even that is getting hard due to all of the word problems Fast forward to third grade.

Third grade is the year that the world falls apart! He has an amazing teacher who cares and admits there is a problem. We start my doing away with spelling and shortening writing assignments. Tests are now read aloud with extra help from mom at home. Mom then started looking help outside of the school for help. October of his third grade year we started Barton. Within a month, his teacher sees improved confidence and changes in behavior. He now feels he can and will become a better reader. 

Fast forward to 4th grade, he is now reading chapter books independently and loving every second. He is carrying a book around all day every day. He is trying to get out of bedtime by reading a book!

Fast forward to 5th grade, he is now reading at grade level. Spelling is still hard but improving. 

Fast forward to 6th grade, he is now independent in school. His teachers did not know he has had difficulty learning to read.  We are still using Barton to improve spelling but he feels he is ready to take on the world.  

Fast forward to 2022, Hunter is now starting Delta College as a Sophmore. He is loving the freedom of being able to pick classes he enjoys including ASL and CAD classes. Ready to graduate soon.